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February 21, 2012

Post 50/365+1

Looking back at your childhood is a wonderful thing.  Remembering the special moments you enjoyed with siblings, friends or on your own.

So many things trigger our memories; it may be a certain smell or taste, a photo or a sound, and all sorts of memories come tumbling back.  The smell of the ocean transports me back to days spent camping at the beach with  my parents and sisters; I feel the warm salt air again, the sand between my toes and the cool of the water against my skin.  We would spend the day at the beach, carry home copious quantities of sea shells (and sand), play cards or board games and sleep soundly every night.

The smell of home cooking reminds me of my grandmother’s kitchen; she was a wonderful cook and her kitchen was always filled with scones, pancakes, shortbread, soup, apple pies and so many other good things to eat; and all made with real butter, eggs, salt, and served with real jam and cream.  And the smell of lavender reminds me of the house we lived in for a number of years during primary school; it had a beautifully fragrant lavender hedge growing along the path from the back door to the side gate.  I did used to hate the bees it attracted though!

I loved the days spent during summer holidays riding my bike (no helmets worn back then, so the wind blew through your hair), playing with neighbourhood friends until it got dark and the mosquitoes were biting, and playing under the sprinkler in the backyard on those stinking hot summer days.  Then heading off to bed on cool cotton sheets, sunburnt skin stinging and mosquito bites itching madly beneath spots of calamine lotion.

One of my favourite past-times was to curl up with a book, especially on cold winter days when it was too wet to be outside,  the only sound would be the open fire crackling beside me.  I would devour a book in a day.  Other days would be spent playing games on the floor with my sisters;  building little houses with Lego blocks, or dressing our dolls.

We had wonderful freedom as children that we didn’t appreciate at the time.   It is a time we will always yearn for, wishing for the simple pleasures and release from adult responsibilities and worries.

Why not do something silly every now and then; run under the sprinkler next time it is hot, blow soap bubbles, go to the movies and see a kid’s movie (without taking the kids), lie on the floor and read (be careful getting back up!) and ride a bike downhill really fast.  Revisit your childhood and feel that joy again!

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Quote of the Day:  When you finally go back to your old hometown, you find it wasn’t the old home you missed but your childhood.  ~Sam Ewing


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