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February 15, 2012

Post 45/365+1

I am a big fan of lists.  I have to have a list whenever I go shopping, I have a Christmas card list, I write lists when I am packing to go on holiday (especially if we are going camping).  I also take my holiday list with me so I can check things off when I am packing to come home again.  And I love reading lists of ‘Books you must read’, ‘Movies you must see’ and ‘Things you must do’ before you die.

So today I am writing a list of my most favourite books from childhood through to the present time.

As a child I loved nothing more than curling up with a good book, especially on cold rainy days.  My favourite books as a child (in no particular order) were:

Charlotte’s Web

Seven Little Australians

Mary Poppins

Enid Blyton’s Folk of the Faraway Tree series

Willard Price’s “Adventure” series

In my teens I remember loving:

To Kill a Mockingbird

Lord of the Flies

Catcher in the Rye


I then moved into the horror genre, with Stephen King one of my favourite authors.  I also started reading Wilbur Smith in my late teens and early twenties; I still enjoy his books.  However, I am well and truly over the horror stories.

As an adult I love these books:


Deep End of the Ocean


Dirt Music

Lord of the Rings

Anything by John Grisham

I get so caught up in the story and the characters, that I am often sad when the book comes to an end; I miss these people that I have come to know and love.  I cannot read books where the characters do not grab me from the start.  I need to feel empathy for them, they need to come to life and hold my interest, make me care about them, cheer for them and then not want to let them go when the book ends.

I enjoy a wide range of genres these days.  I will often have 2 or 3 books on the go at once, and I read which ever one I am currently in the mood for.  My partner bought me a Kindle last year and I am now able to download e-books from Amazon.  This makes it easy when travelling; much lighter than carrying 3 books in my luggage.

I just could not imagine life without books.  They carry me away into other worlds; and sometimes I don’t want to come back.  Do you recall what your favourite books were when you were a child? Do you get carried away when you read?  Can you let go when the story ends?


Quote of the Day:  My test of a good novel is dreading to begin the last chapter.  ~Thomas Helm


Comments on: "Beginnings and Endings – Project 365 +1" (4)

  1. I have never been into horror. I’m too much of a chicken! I like your lists. I had many of the same favorites as a child. 🙂

  2. We have similar taste in books! I’ve gone through the same kind of reading phases.

    • It is interesting to note how our tastes change as we grow older. Horror and gore gives way to mystery and suspense. We look for more interesting characters rather than OTT stories.

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