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February 8, 2012

Post 39/365+1

Things we say to our children. Every. Single. Day.

In the morning:
1. Stop playing and finish eating your breakfast.
2. Leave your brother/sister alone and finish eating.
3. It does not take you 10 minutes to go to the toilet. Go finish eating.
4. You’ve taken too long, you’re through eating.
5. Get your shoes and get in the car.
6. Get your shoes and get in the car.
7. Where are your shoes?  Get your shoes on and GET IN THE CAR!

Then in the afternoon:
1. Put your coat where it belongs.
2. Put your shoes in the box.
3. Get your homework done.
4. Get your homework done.
5. Get in here and do your homework!

6. No, you can’t have a snack, I’m cooking dinner.

7. Have you finished your homework?

Then at dinner time:

1. Sit up properly and eat your dinner.

2. How do you know you don’t like it? You haven’t even tried it.

3. Sit still and eat your dinner.

4. No you cannot have dessert if you haven’t finished your dinner.

5. Stop talking with food in your mouth.

6. Stop playing with your food.

7. Eat your dinner.

Then, at bed time:
1. Get in your bed. Your own bed. Not my bed, not your sister/brother’s bed. YOUR OWN BED.
2. You’ve already had water, get in bed.
3. Close your mouths, close your eyes, and go to sleep.
4. Go to sleep. No, go to sleep. No more talking. Go to sleep.
5. Go to sleep.

No wonder we are tired by the end of the day.  But isn’t it wonderful when we sneak into their room at night, they are sleeping peacefully, and we smile.

Great read for MomsDon't Carpe Diem- Glennon Melton   "I think parenting young children (and old ones, I've heard) is a little like climbing Mount Everest. Brave, adventurous souls try it because they've heard there's magic in the climb."

Quote of the Day:  Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.  ~Author Unknown


Comments on: "Beginnings and Endings – Project 365 +1" (2)

  1. thegracefuldoe said:

    Have to laugh. Going through this exact routine this morning with Boy Wonder. The bedtime one is more likely to be Miss Moo.

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