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February 5, 2012

Post 36/365+1

I have had a lovely day today.  Up early this morning, baked a dozen cupcakes, finished painting the kitchen (new kitchen was put in over 4 years ago!!!), 2 of my grandchildren arrived and gave me advice about decorating said cupcakes, then off to my parent’s house for lunch, with the grandkids in tow and cupcakes in a container for an after lunch treat.

My granddaughter Anabel is six years old and she talked to me during the one hour car journey about her return to school, her ‘baby’ (a doll named Lily Rose),  and ballet, which she begins tomorrow after school.  She then told me about how you learn things from reading stories;  for example, Goldilocks and the Three Bears teaches you not to go into other people’s houses and eat their food.  She has some very earnest and serious conversations now, especially around reading and writing.  It was a very entertaining trip.

When we arrived at my parent’s home, my mum pulled out the boxes of toys she keeps for the great grandchildren (the kids call them Great Gran’s special toys) and Anabel and four year old Josh played quietly and happily until lunch.  They then sat up and ate a hot roast lunch with lots of yummy vegetables, followed by strawberries and bananas, red jelly and meringues in parfait glasses.  The cupcakes were eaten for afternoon tea. I got to enjoy a lovely lunch and a catch up with Mum and Dad and my sister.  The trip home was filled with Josh’s chatter while Ana fell asleep.

Both children then sat and read books while I prepared pasta bake for dinner.   They are now in bed and all is quiet in the house.  We all had a great day; it is wonderful to be able to enjoy these times with my grandchildren while they are still young.

Have a wonderful week everyone.

Quote of the Day:  The most interesting information comes from children, for they tell all they know and then stop.
Mark Twain


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  1. Just read this. They were so little back then.

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