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February 4, 2012

Post 35/365+1

What’s currently on my iPod?

I am listening to a very eclectic mix of songs on my iPod.  I have modern pop and rock songs, light opera, stage musical numbers, songs from my teen years and even some country (which I am not generally a big fan of, by the way).   I have my iPod on shuffle and listen to songs played at random, rather than by artist or genre.  Because of the wide variety I have on there, this can be a little jarring at times. Imagine jumping from ‘Wild Thing’ by the Troggs to ‘Music of the Night’ from Phantom of the Opera to ‘This Land is Mine’ by Dan Sultan.  It doesn’t always flow well, but I love the surprise when the next song begins.

I have music by Bruce Springsteen, Missy Higgins, Bryan Adams and k.d. Lang. There are songs by Etta James, Pink, Elton John and Duffy, great story telling from Kev Carmody, and upbeat tunes from Kelly Clarkson, the Monkees and the Beach Boys.

I am particularly enjoying the gorgeous voice of Adele at present.

Modern technology is a wonderful thing; I can add or delete songs as I please, depending on my listening mood.  It is so much better than my teen years when I received my first radio/cassette player.  I would wait until my favourite song came on the radio and press record, and hope that the DJ didn’t talk over the start or end of the song; they almost always did.  And when the music programs were on TV, I would put the cassette player beside the speaker to record my favourites, all the while shushing family members if they entered the room.  And when I finally had my completed mixed tape, I then hoped it wouldn’t get tangled in the player; it almost always did.  Funnily enough, I still have some of these old tapes.  Unfortunately, most of them don’t work anymore; they have seized up after 30+ years.  It would be interesting to hear what songs are on them.  I also still enjoy listening to my vinyl albums; there is something about the sound of a record that can’t be replicated.

Of course, now we can just go online and download the music of our choice, save it to the device of choice, or burn it to a CD.  We can share our music choices with others in many different ways.

What are you listening to at the moment?  Do you take your music with you when you are out and about?  Is it ‘the soundtrack to your life’?

Quote of the Day:  Music is what life sounds like.  ~Eric Olson


Comments on: "Beginnings and Endings – Project 365 +1" (2)

  1. This sounds like my ipod, a huge mix of styles. I need to get some playlists going! Punk, country, club, rock and folk don’t mesh well on shuffle. My box of mix tapes is stashed in my studio, I have no idea if they still work!

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