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February 3, 2012

Post 34/365+1

End of the working week is here. It has been a busy week and it is lovely to now wind down and enjoy the weekend. As you can see below I have been visiting Pinterest.com AGAIN!!.  There are so many wonderful ideas on there;  I have found a couple of great recipes I want to try and some great craft ideas.  I particularly enjoy the photography.  I wish I could take such wonderful photos.  They are certainly something to aspire to.  I  may have to get the camera out this weekend.

{morning wonder}     Stay!!!!  Japanese Tree

I like photographs that make me smile or that take my breath away or make me want to go to where the photo was taken.  I like photos that make me wonder about the story behind the photo.  Who is that little girl waiting for?  Where is that bridge?  What are these dogs looking at?  What sort of tree is that with the beautiful pink leaves?  Each photo has a story attached to it and the best photos let us interpret them according to our own imagination.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I thank the respective photographers, whose work is shared here, for the beauty they have captured.


Heading to my parents house for lunch this weekend and taking two of my grandchildren with me.  I will be making some cute cupcakes to take with me as a treat for them.  I will post some photos when they are made.  Fingers crossed for a good outcome.

Have a great weekend everyone.


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