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February 2, 2012

Post 33/365+1

Back to school for many children in Victoria today.  My granddaughter began Grade 1 today;  my grandson begins Prep on Monday and my other grandson begins Kinder next week.  It doesn’t seem all that long ago that my own children were beginning school.  It is an exciting time for kids and parents, especially if they are beginning primary school or secondary school for the first time.  And the excitement can be tinged with sadness if you are seeing off your first born or last born.  I loved my children’s school days; I became involved with the mother’s club, school council, the uniform shop, the canteen, and classroom reading.  I got to know so many of my children’s friends and classmates, as well as the other parents and teachers.  It was a very special, and social, period of my life.  With four children going through kinder, primary and then secondary school, it lasted for quite some time!!

I particularly enjoyed helping with classroom reading; it was such fun listening to the kids read and watching them ‘get it’ as the year went on.  And helping with art and craft was always great fun too, if a little messy!  If you have little ones starting school this year, then why not get involved if you can.  It is a great way to get to know the other mums and kids, and can help alleviate that feeling of isolation that stay at home mums often suffer from.  Your kids will love it when you are  a part of their school life, too.  Their childhood goes by so quickly; soak it up whenever you can.


Feb 2nd: Groundhog day. Again!  Love that movie; so very funny.

As Groundhog Day lore and legend has it, if a groundhog ventures from its den and sees a shadow on Feb. 2, that’s a sign we’re in for six more weeks of harsh winter weather. But if the critter emerges from its den and sees no shadow, that means we can look forward to a mercifully short winter.

We don’t have anything similar in Australia that I know of, but it sounds like a great way to find out how much longer Winter might last.

Here’s to no shadows for our cousins in the northern hemisphere.


Comments on: "Beginnings and Endings – Project 365 +1" (1)

  1. My oldest started kindergarten this year. It seems to me like time has already flown by. He was just a baby yesterday, I swear.

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