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February 1, 2012

Post 32/365+1

The beginning of February and of course we get an extra day this month with 2012 being a Leap Year.  That is why I have the +1 as part of my blog post title.  And it is also the last month of Summer here in Australia.  While I love the warmer weather, I particularly love Autumn with its warm days and calm, mild evenings slowly giving way to the cooler days of April and May.  There is more of a visible change and feel to the seasons at this time of the year.


As a keen Facebooker, I have recently started playing Words with Friends, which is a take on the old board game of Scrabble.  Somehow, I have now managed to end up playing six games simultaneously, and each time I log into Facebook, I have multiple requests from my opponents to play my turn.  It certainly gives another meaning to multi-tasking!  I also play Hidden Chronicles, which has most of my Facebook friends playing as well.  This one is a little harder to keep pace with, as it contains many mini games and challenges to play, as well as the main objective of the game.  These, in addition to my new addiction to Pinterest.com, means I am very distracted once I log onto my computer each evening.  I also keep an eye on my Twitter feed, so it takes a bit of effort to get myself focussed and get my writing done.  I have been getting all my game requests out of the way prior to settling down to write, however it may be wiser to get my writing done with the promise of some ‘playtime’ once I am done.  It will definitely allow me to have some earlier nights instead of staying up till quite late to get my writing finished, especially this blog.  I must stay on task!!


Okay. I have done some writing. Finished this post. Now it is time to catch up on ‘Words with Friends’.

Enjoy your evening.


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