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January 28, 2012

Post 28/365+1

I have finally decided on a name that I am happy with for the main character in my January Picture Book.  I think that finding the right name for book characters is essential.  It has to fit with the character and with the text so that it flows well.  I wanted a name that would be modern enough for today’s young readers, yet comfortable enough for the adults who may be reading to them.   Whilst writing the book, I simply referred to “the little boy”, so choosing a  name meant having it fit in with the existing text and rhythm.  Having read it aloud, I am pleased with the sound of it, and the name seems to fit.  So my January PB manuscript is done; now time to begin on February’s.


Weekend is now half over.  I have not done a lot. Interspersed my writing tasks with a little housework, visited my daughter and grandkids, watched some tennis, bathed Ava, and of course, did some pinning on Pinterest.  Tomorrow is meant to be quite warm so I will get up early to walk Ava, and hopefully get some shopping done so I can stay inside during the afternoon.  The men’s final of the Australian Open is on tomorrow night between Nadal and Djokovic which should be a great (and probably long) match.  I couldn’t bring myself to watch the women’s final due to both players being shriekers; it spoils what could otherwise be a great match.  Good to see Azarenka win her first Grand Slam though.


I have been keeping up with the latest blogs from Meshel Laurie.  She has copped some unfair abuse the last two days after blogging about the Australia Day scuffles at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra.  I find it shocking that  people can be so nasty and abusive towards a fellow Australian for expressing an opinion that differs from their own.  We all have a right to free speech in Australia, along with the right to our own opinions and beliefs, however, I also believe that we are all entitled to respect for those opinions and beliefs and we shouldn’t be subject to bile and ugliness.  The only way forward is through civilised debate, and open and honest communication.  If people want to contribute to the conversation, they are respectfully invited to do so in a civil manner.




We are one, but we are many.


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