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January 26, 2012

Post 26/365+1

Happy Australia Day.

To all my Australian friends and family, I hope you are having a great day today.  I am sure most people are enjoying a day off work, having a BBQ with friends, swimming at the beach, watching the cricket, and just generally relaxing.  Many people will also have taken tomorrow off so they can enjoy a 4 day long weekend.  (I am one of those people!)

Australia Day to me means the opportunity to recognise the many different cultures which contribute to our national identity, celebrating the open, inclusive society which we enjoy here in Australia.  It is about coming together and celebrating all that is good about living here.  All too often we focus on the negatives, forgetting to highlight the many positives about ourselves and our country.

According to the Australia Bureau of Statistics, the total current population of Australia  22,813,739.

95% of the population are Australian citizens.   However, 24% of us were not born here.  Almost 98% of us are descendants of immigrants or refugees.  And over 200 countries are represented amongst our population;  a wonderful diversity.   We are so lucky to live in an such an open, free, peaceful and tolerant society; a place that people are willing to risk their lives to get to, and settle their families in.  Australia is, for many refugees, a safe haven in an increasingly troubled world.   Our many immigrants have enriched our society in so many ways including music, dance, sport, language, dress, and food.  We have absorbed so many different cultures into our lives;  most of us enjoy a night out at a restaurant and we are lucky enough to have great choice of cuisines in which to partake.

Australia Day reminds us of how lucky we are and gives us the chance to share our love of our country with ‘those who’ve come across the seas’.

Please share the following link:  https://www.facebook.com/welcometoaustralia

Enjoy the evening ahead and stay safe if you are partying tonight.



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