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January 21, 2012

Post 21/365+1

Dividing my time today between getting some cooking done and researching writing advice.  I have included some links below from the Copyblogger website.  I particularly like the ‘become a better writer’ link.







I have managed to get a fair bit of cooking done today. Roast Pumpkin soup, and Bacon and Lentil soup from the new Donna Hay cookbook “Fast, Fresh and Simple” which my daughter gave me for Christmas.  I also made Lamb Rogan Josh, and a Vegetable and Noodle stir fry with satay sauce for dinner tonight.  Tomorrow I plan to bake a Vegie Lasagne, Creamy Chicken and Bacon, and some choc chip cookies.


And lastly today, a link to a wonderful article on motherhood by Glennon Melton.  Thank you to Hannah for the link.


Even though my children are now grown, I am going to use Kairos time for other parts of my life where I need to stop and breathe in the moment.  Please share this link with others, especially all those parents out there.


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