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January 19, 2012

Post 19/365+1

Okay so I had a pretty lazy, but lovely post yesterday.  Lots of stress going on yesterday and all through last night until the early hours of this morning.  It was difficult to concentrate and I couldn’t get any words to come together for me.

Everything is now calm and back to normal.  After no sleep last night, I am extremely tired and ready for a good night’s sleep tonight.  So I hope my words are making some kind of sense here.  It is hard to sleep when you are watching events unfold through the media that are affecting people you are close to.  Former work mates were fighting a battle last night that put them and others at risk of injury.  Having previously worked in that industry, and having some knowledge of the possibilities, is a double edged sword.  I knew what might happen and what the outcomes could be; I also knew what would most likely happen.  My former colleagues are well trained and training kicks in when they need it to.  These people will stand shoulder to shoulder with each other and fight for each other.  They are like a big family standing against a common enemy.  My fatigue is making this sound very melodramatic, however it was a dramatic night and for those of us sitting at home, waiting and wondering, sharing our worry on Facebook, it was a very long night.  Thankfully all concerned are safe and uninjured.  They fought the good fight and they won.  Some people work in industries where they accept those parts of the job that are less than pleasant; jobs that many others don’t want to do, but that someone has to.  Police, firefighters, ambulance officers, nurses and correctional officers to name but a few.  Where would society be without them all?  They do a mighty job,and I am proud of my former workmates.  They did a fine job last night.  Thank you to all our emergency services workers; you are out there while the rest of us are safely at home.  Please take care and stay safe.

Good night all.


Comments on: "Beginnings and Endings – Project 365 +1" (1)

  1. I have just had a gentle reminder that I should have included our Defence force members.

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