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January 15, 2012

Post 15/365+1

Well my weekend was not as productive as I would have liked.  No writing done except for my blog.  No cooking done, except for dinners.

Housework done, washing done and a major shop for groceries done.  The pantry and fridge are now well stocked with everything I need to make dinners for the next 2 weeks.  Plenty of healthy fruit and vegetables, tinned chickpeas and lentils, chicken fillets, fish, almonds and macadamias.  Tonight’s dinner was crispy skinned salmon with mixed baked vegetables, followed by blackberry cheesecake pots.  Delicious!  And tomorrow night’s dinner is in the slow cooker overnight tonight – slow cooked steak with tomato and onion.  I have some other recipes earmarked for during the week; it feels good to have the meals organised ahead of time.  (in my head, at least)


Looking forward to the Australian Open tennis beginning tomorrow.  Hopefully the Aussies will do well.  Tennis on the television usually means late nights, so I could be in for some tired days at work.  Just as well it only goes for 2 weeks! 😀


I watched a wonderful video yesterday via http://www.mamamia.com.au/news/fotoshop-the-miracle-beauty-regime-that-works-100-of-the-time.   A wonderful product that can make anyone look great.

Have a great week.


Comments on: "Beginnings and Endings – Project 365 +1" (2)

  1. hannahholt said:

    I think we all have weeks like this. Thank goodness for next week, right?

  2. Thank goodness for next week and thank goodness for tomorrow. Each new day brings new opportunities. It is up to us what we do with those opportunities. I hope you have a great week Hannah.

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