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January 10, 2012

Post 10/365+1

Oh my, what a day!

Firstly, went to work for 3 hours. Then went home and 20 minutes later on the way to Melbourne with my partner to drop his daughter at the airport, as she was returning to Brisbane today after a month staying with us.  Good run with traffic and easy parking at the airport beside the departures terminal for Tiger.  Once we left the airport, we stopped in at DFO at Essendon for a bit of a browse and picked up a couple of household items.  As I had left our 11 month old dog (Ava) at home alone, I didn’t want to wander around for too long, so by 5.30 we were on our way home, dreading the likelihood of hitting major peak hour traffic outbound on the Monash freeway.  But no, traffic was flowing brilliantly and we were home by 8.00pm after stopping to pick something up for tea. (I will tell you more about Ava in another post.)

When we got home, I went out to check on Ava;  obviously she was very bored at home alone!!  Her bed had been totally shredded and there was a major excavation underway in the backyard.  Excellent!!! NOT!!!  Filled in the holes, ran around the yard playing with Ava to burn off some of her juvenile energy, fed her, fed us, then settled down to catch up on social media.


On Facebook I was confronted with the news that a former workmate had passed away suddenly.  How quickly our mood, and view of the world and our life, can change.  So many things are much more important than the silly behaviour of a young dog, or the constant self indulgence of people on Twitter and Facebook.  We use social media today to interact with others, but where is the real care and understanding for those we work beside everyday.  People use it to abuse others, to rage about the unfairness of the world or to indulge in self pity.  And yes, many of us also use it to stay in touch with others, to inspire and to give encouragement.  But sometimes we need more than that. We need the physical touch of other people.  I am so tired of the politically correct telling us we shouldn’t touch people we work with for fear of a sexual harassment charge.  If I think someone at work is suffering, I will give them a hug; or at the very least, touch them on the arm or shoulder to give them reassurance.   Is someone close to you suffering in some way? Let them know you care.  Let them know there is always someone they can talk to.  Just ask them if they are okay.   I am so sorry to hear of my young workmate’s passing.  Such a tragic loss.  I extend my sympathies to his family and friends. May he rest in peace.

For any of you out there who are suffering in some way, find someone to talk to. Someone you trust and you know will take the time to listen.  If you really feel like there is no one like that in your life, then please seek professional help from a doctor or counsellor.  Life is far too precious and beautiful.


Talk to you again soon.  Love, Heather.


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