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January 9, 2012

Post 9/365+1

Monday, Monday.

The start of another working week and life has returned once again to a normal pace after the holiday break.  It is such a joy to spend time with far flung family members, meet new additions and share precious moments with them all.  Many photographs were taken, many laughs were had, and past times remembered.  Many new memories were also made.  My grandchildren are getting big; two are at school this year and one will start kindergarten.  My eldest daughter is due to have her third baby in four weeks time, so I will have another little one to cherish, love and spoil.  You just can’t beat cuddles from your grandchildren.  And I love it when they learn to say “Nanna”, and their faces light up when they see me.  I love them all to bits.  So I guess a new grandchild is a beginning.  Just not for me, technically.


I have decided that I need to make more of an effort to do more reading this year. As an avid reader, I do not get through very many books each year.  When I was younger I would read a book at one or two sittings.  Now I would be lucky to get through 2 books in a year.  I have so many novels waiting to be read, I need to take some time out from my other tasks and make the commitment to get started on them.  Less computer time, less digital communication, less virtual and more actual.


Had a bit of a scare at work today when we were advised that the water was contaminated. As I had already drunk over half a litre of water from the tap and several cups of tea, it made me feel a little bit ill.  Purely mind over matter, I am sure.  But we have been told not to drink the water until further notice.  I will be taking my own filtered water from home tomorrow.  And we were all quick to Google the possible symptoms to be aware of.   We were told that the contamination level was extremely low and we were unlikely to get sick from it, however I did keep a small amount of the water in my drink bottle, just in case I need to get it tested.


Apart from possibly contaminated water, I also had fruit and nuts today, and my lunchtime sandwich was made from 9 grain bread. Steamed vegetables for tea.  Not too bad. And feeling okay so far.  😀

Have a great evening all.


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