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January 5, 2012

Post 5/365+1

Rushed off to work running late this morning and had nothing prepared to take for lunch.  A quick look in the pantry revealed a single white bread roll.  I grabbed it, added two slices of cheese, and threw a banana in my bag.  Not the best, but I didn’t have time for anything else.  I already had a container of nuts and dried apricots in my drawer at work.  At least I wouldn’t be hungry.  Green tea and a bottle of water kept me going until an early finish this afternoon.

Tea was takeaway Chinese. Lots of vegetables, chicken and rice.  My focus is still there, but the track is a bit bumpy at the moment.  I will get the path smoothed out again tomorrow.   Can’t take things too seriously this early in the year.  I am happy to enjoy the occasional takeaway meal and refuse to feel guilty about it.

I do think that many people give up on their New Year’s resolutions just because they have a single bad day.   If you trip and fall, just get up and start again.  Every day gives us a fresh opportunity to start over and take action.  If we keep taking action, eventually we will reach our goals.  You only fail when you stop taking action.

And don’t forget to keep having fun; it’s what makes life’s journey so worthwhile.


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