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I have brought together a number of ideas for my blog for 2012.  A theme of beginnings and endings along with Project 365 and New Year’s resolutions will keep me focussed for the year, and give me a means of measuring my progress.

New Year, new beginnings.  We all start the New Year with fine intentions. Whether it is  to lose weight, give up smoking, get fit, make more time for ourselves or our loved ones.  Who among us has not failed to follow through on these commitments to ourselves after just a short period of time.  It is difficult to make changes when there is so much distraction and temptation. Even when we know that many of these changes would benefit us in the long term, we fall victim to our own short term need for pleasure or find it difficult to maintain the discipline required.  I have decided to address many of my own issues beginning today. There is a certain motivation which aligns with the beginning of a new year. It is like a clean slate waiting for the chapters to be written thereon.  As I write through the days, my beginnings and endings will take shape.

JANUARY 1, 2012

Day 1 – the beginning of this project.  The first of my New Year’s resolutions is to eat a healthier diet, changing to a more natural diet, with an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables, less red meat, much less processed food, more fish, grains, and nuts.  My daughter is currently following a strict vegan/raw food diet, and this has given me some inspiration to improve my own health through better eating habits. I am pretty sure I can’t go vegan. Love my cheese and chocolate way too much for that.  I could certainly give up red meat, but not so sure about giving up chicken or fish.

I also want to be more disciplined about writing each day, even it is just a few sentences.

So how did I do today?  Green tea and an apple for breakfast. A ham sandwich on white bread for lunch. Several cups of green tea during the day.  Chicken twister from a fast food chain for tea.  OK. Not so good today.  But I will endeavour to do better tomorrow. And that, of course, is the whole point of the exercise. To make progress as the year progresses.  To make small improvements each day as I work towards my goal of an overall better me.  And I have managed to get this written today, despite many interruptions from visiting family members.

Bring on tomorrow.


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